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Do My Homework For Me Online Questionnaire

At this desperately late hour, the first thing thats coming to mind is that the amnesia may be an unnecessary complication. Lastly, one problem i anticipate is that in plots like this, generally 90 of the antagonists are one-dimensionally evil parts of the same monolithic organization e. Hed had problems with girls because of his crippled body and level of intelligence (they felt intimidated by this), he also lost his dream of being a surgeon as even with his mecha arm his skill level was seriously hampered by the lack of a second arm (the robotic arm could malfunction, fail, break down etc.

Her childhood was normal single-parent family, living paycheck to paycheck, and going to school. He lives alone with his mother, as his father was killed in a car accident when he was very young. Josh takes care of the robbers (he has basic martial arts training anyways) and then decides to fight street-level crime a few evenings a week and in the next three issues fights his first supervillains.

However the superheroes began to rebel and soon the superheroes and other superhumans fought against goverment. Finally after an attack that brutally killed a superhero team and hundreds of civilians. When sam gets into fights with piui guards or something, i am struggling with creative ideas to use his energy to fight.

It sarts out with two young 14 year-old step brothers who are getting their powers. Robin looks weird, and bbs stance makes it hard to judge. Its me guys, hres my second comicbook idea the story is that in the past, superpowerd beings had been around since the begining of time.

Why would people support a hero that lets villains get away on account of his bowel? How do you plan on making him likable and relatable? How do you plan on propelling the story with a character that wont take initiative? It would be horribly contrived if he just lucked his way into situations without trying? I suppose that could work. Alternately, maybe theres something about the character that makes him a bad fit, which could also be dramatic. Due to this, blake slowly begins to unravel mentally and begins to talk to a darker part of his mind he calls blaze haven.

Always looking for excitement, and in need of something to do after his release, he joins the riot squad. Institute of unstudied illnesses,) for check ups and studies on his disease. When they notice that hes wearing jumpers in thirty degrees celsius, they order him to remove them, but he knows that theyll see his injuries and find out. Again, i am attempting as you said to further develop him. Also, i think itd probably be a bit contrived if the antagonist hated on mutants and then just happened to become a mutant himself.

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Do My Homework For Me Online Questionnaire

Want to know a theoretical framework(my study is to identify...
Want to know a theoretical framework(my study is to identify perception of students towards homework)?
Do My Homework For Me Online Questionnaire Did he choose to be a superhero? Why? (which personal feelingsexperiences influenced that choice? Losing a loved one to criminals? Being a disillusioned cop? A desire to escape from a dull routine?) choose, what causedforced him to become super? (a physical transformation?  Conscription? Forced servitude?) is he attempting to become normal? How and why? To become a superhero? Who chose him? Why? (maybe she won amazonian trials or aced secret tests embedded in a standardized exam). My main character alec kyles has a mechanical right arm after his real one was lost in an accident. Combined with a short attention span at times being selfish, this can also be disastrous in his development. Go big! Itll be more distinctive and interesting than a hero that just sort of does whatever is most convenient for the plot. Is there anything in your characters past that he regrets or will regret, like nearly joining a gang or failing to save his uncle? Does your characters background make him a better superhero?  For example, supermans side-job as an investigative journalist frequently gives him leads to look into. But it effectively used those as a springboard into a substantially different story (e.
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    I was thinking maybe areas of her skin are hard, like on her knucklesparts of her hands (kind of like an alligatorcrocodile) so when she punches somebody or kicks them or something, it really, really hurts. Ps if a character is not physically fit, i dont think theres anything wrong with making him overweight. The key would be defining her limits just how strong is she? Just how agile? How sensitive are her senses? So long as none of these powers make her too impervious (so strong she can make the earth spin the other way on its axis), andor there are forces opposed to her that present a real peril (you may be impervious to bullets, superman, but lois lane isnt) it should be ok. In blakes case tripping and falling into a pool of mixed animal genes a the buckingham palace facility. As an additional side effect, his dna fluctuates (first at random, then at will) and causes him to switch between his normal appearance and a second one.

    After being a marine for two years, he returned but his mind did not. Oh, i forgot to mention these are all ideas for the fourth. After his father was killed and jason was kidnapped, he was tortued for 3 months with drugs, electrocutions, and pychological tortue. He doesnt try due to laziness and plus he was already in the circus so secret identity doesnt really compute in his mind. They may wonder if she got out of prison by cooperating with the policeheroes, though.

    My main character alec kyles has a mechanical right arm after his real one was lost in an accident. The superpowers of the world are powerless to stop him because quasar is virtually omnipotent. However it ends up turning humans into zombies who possess enhanced strength, speed, and senses. Though everyone knows shes a villain, she doesnt need a secret identity since she has the protection of her mother being a heroine. Ill name her michelle that way i can call her mitchy, which is slightly ambiguous. I suspect that publishers would feel uncomfortable with a work modeled this closely after an existing work. Perhaps the change in character or situation could have something to do with bullying classmates, who have strong opinions against mutants? Another interesting twist to it might be if in the future one of those bullies discovered that heshe was a mutant as well, and either became an enemy of the xavier institute, or became an enemy-turned-ally i had imagined that her human-to-bird and bird-to-human transformations would only take a brief moment, though i like the idea of adding a sense of urgency to it in a dangerous situation by allowing it to take a bit of time i must admit im a little bit dissappointed that hawkeye is taken (i quite liked the name), though ill take what you said into consideration and try to come up with something different. Becky wakes up that night to find that she isnt in her hospital bed, but above it. This could be such an extent that hes unable to properly manuver, less he wishes to caught significant harm to himself. In the story, if he gets really emotional, (like very angry or upset- such as when he discovers the death of his father) his energy kind of overloads and he loses control- exploding a great ball of solid energy.

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    A woman once jumped off the empire state building, but a wind caught her and flung her onto the next floor, where she got away with only a few injuries. The league begins to clean up new york city and finally after 3 months, shuts down the omega breed. They had saved the world from the greatest threats the world had ever known. He also is good friends with shannon, the most influential journalist in the city, and she writes articles that endorse him and edge him closer to a seat as councilman, but when she asks him to crack down on the riot squad and get them off the streets, he is caught in a difficult situation. As she becomes more powerful she will eventually be able to transform herself into paper Buy now Do My Homework For Me Online Questionnaire

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    Whats going to make your story unique from cyborg or any other cyborgandroidrobot story? Something about your story, whether it be the execution, the characterization, the plot, the moral story, etc needs to differentiate your story from the norm. Rather than run, he smashes the display case and attempts to hide the artifact. She would either want to be a vet or work at a zoo. Or perhaps even give another reason why they may have abandoned him (perhaps it was their choice because they couldnt handle him having super powers. Depending on the dramatic tone youre going for, you might have a concerned friend pull her aside and tell her to clam up about anything that might lead people to find out shes a mutant Do My Homework For Me Online Questionnaire Buy now

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    This first of my ideas i have come up with is a story simular to watchmen. She is more likely to point out negative things than positives, and often times she sounds like she doesnt really care about anything (even though she does). It could also give insight into the logistics of his powers. Also, when faced with abrupt changes of direction, such as banking turns, derek needs to physically slow himself down to make the turn in order to topple over. Though, her clan does get in its fair share of.

    Thanks! We have a bunch of free-runners in america, mirrors edge is a video game almost completely about freerunning. Im not sure of just how much detail can be put into this sort of power you covered everything about the powers i wanted to know Buy Do My Homework For Me Online Questionnaire at a discount

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    You can write a damn fine story with secret identities and you can write a damn fine one without them. Originally, derek wanted to operate under the radar, as an adjudicator so as to prevent any problems. Even then, though, i wouldnt recommend using the phrase stockholm syndrome or another clinical diagnosis. Note this comment originally read im writing a novel called badazzes. I did a similar sort of thing in a test scene for the second book, where fight have a race from the empire state building to the chrysler building.

    Ill be candorous, writing is fun but it isnt my passion. And he never went to school, so he knows cool physical tricks but nothing that makes him seem smart, like knowing what electricity is(im not kidding Buy Online Do My Homework For Me Online Questionnaire

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    When i read this, all i can think of is that scene from deathnote where l is sitting behind light in the exam, in his usual l-style, and lights just like wtf is with this guy? In other news, this questionnaire was pretty helpful. War soon broke out between the titans and the gods, resulting in the world being brought to the brink of destruction, after 5 years of fighting, destroying most of the federation. Even if he had an si (which he doesnt) he could just zip off, save some random citizen and come back without being missed in the first place. Im vaguely intrigued by the police intelligence angle, but am not quite seeing how her background ties into it. Personally, the characters i find most interesting set themselves apart with unusual decisions and unusual goals Buy Do My Homework For Me Online Questionnaire Online at a discount

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    Coming up with a more plot-central andor distinctive motivation for him to start fighting crime might also help. Empathic sight, (he can see emotional auras around people, and can increase or decrease the intensity of emotions) night vision. Dismayed at not being believed, over the next few days she began to wonder if she really had just imagined it it got to the point of bothering her so much that one day while her parents were out of the house she went out to their fenced-in backyard and tried to make it happen again. Batman throwing a criminal down 20 feet onto pavement in dark knight). She was really stupid, did something she shouldnt have (and was specifically told not to do) and thus got involved in some really bad shit that required her to step up and become a hero Do My Homework For Me Online Questionnaire For Sale

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    The risk he has a choice stay in his room and hope she doesnt get up to anything, or go and risk getting in deeper trouble along with his parents becoming more suspicious of him. I just created the villains and was wondering if anybody wanted to critique the superhero and his villains. Even then, though, i wouldnt recommend using the phrase stockholm syndrome or another clinical diagnosis. His father was killed due to gang violence and and has been looking for the man that did it ever since. I like the pinball idea and the step into the hole thing.

    Maya has a good understanding of people and can see with a lot of clarity how and what a person might feel or think. The only person he knew at home was cue ball, so he went to him right away and cue ball used his combat expertise and distance from morals and humanity to turn him into a lethal hitman For Sale Do My Homework For Me Online Questionnaire

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    As for the rest of your comments, i can see where you are coming from. The part with the scarf was cut along with my first draft of my introduction. I tend to see someone deliberately acting loud and obnoxious as having confidence andor self-worthesteem problems, not a guilt complex. In blakes case tripping and falling into a pool of mixed animal genes a the buckingham palace facility. And this leads to one of duncans biggest flaws hes impulsive.

    Who said anything about fat characters? Adrian is slender in physique which i think is more realistic than a bunch of steroid superheroes. I think itd be more interesting if theres character change somewhere. All in all i think i can make this into either a novel or comic book, but i have a problem i need to develop the other characters, and i was hoping to do it based on powers Sale Do My Homework For Me Online Questionnaire






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